The PDG approach is simple. It is focused on characterizing success through the viewpoint of our clients. Integrative collaboration and trust are major philosophies of our team and serve as the core of our business model and relationships. With our client's goals in-mind, our team provides practice leadership, guidance on quality decision making, and specialized industry insight to ensure the successful outcome being sought by our clients.

When you work with PDG, you will find us to be up-front, honest, hard-working and sincere. We care about people and relationships and believe the best way to treat others is how we would wish to be treated ourselves and to that end, we look forward to an opportunity to work with you and your group. 

Project Understanding

Involvement between all stakeholders facilitates the communication necessary to foster a thorough understanding of short and long-term goals and objectives. Elements consistently considered are as follows:

  • Tenant Requirement (special conditions/size)
  • Market Conditions and Potential for Development
  • Site/Location Analysis
  • Logistics/Timing/Delivery
  • Financial Feasibility

Due Diligence

PDG handles all facets of due diligence and other consulting functions. It is during this phase that we bring a financial model into view that is realistic and more importantly fits our client's budget. We utilize our fully integrated project delivery model and operate under an open book budgeting policy.

  • Obtain/Review Environmental Reports and Title Matters
  • Local Municipality Review
  • Determine Utility Service Options
  • Review Current and Potential Zoning Conditions
  • Review Site Cost and Comps
  • Financial Analysis
  • Explore Debt and Equity Options
  • Execute Legal Documents for Tenant Leases and Site Purchase

Project Development

PDG will manage all aspects of the development process with input from the client as needed to achieve the best possible outcome. We provide services in the following areas:

  • Identifying, Retaining and Actively Managing the Project Consultant Team
  • Site Design/Architectural Design
  • Tenant Input/Review
  • Developing Preliminary and Final Budgets
  • Creating Realistic and Achievable Development Schedules
  • Obtaining Permits
  • Construct and Deliver

No two projects are alike and no matter what the opportunity might be - an on campus medical office building, an office headquarters, an off-campus ambulatory care facility, an industrial project, a physician-led real estate initiative- PDG has the real estate development experience and capabilities required to maximize the investment, minimize stakeholder risk, and achieve a predictable end result.

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